Green Screen and Studio Floor Rental

IMC Studios Studio Floor consists of a 400 square foot green screen cyclorama, complete with ceiling mounted rail system and pantographs.

The rail system is divided into two sections. At the cyclorama, the rail system allows independent movement parallel and perpendicular to the cyclorama walls, with individual carriages for up to four lights per side, two of which include pantographs for controlling height.

The “Action Cage” portion of the rail system is designed to provide the gaffer complete control of the action area lighting positions, independent of any lighting system created for the green screen. In this way, gaffers can position lighting to match that encountered on location, including angle and direction of the lights, color temperature and intensity. This is accomplished by dual floating rails and two fixed rails around the “action area” (the portion of the green screen closest to the camera that is used for primary action). Here again, the action cage includes both standard mount carriages and pantographs for up to eight lights.

Lighting accessories include stand mounted lighting, white bounce boards, various clamps, diffusers, sand bags and stingers. There are eight 20-amp power source connections located on the floor and ceiling, and twelve 10 amp connections crew side.

We have a two-man dolly and rails for dolly shots. The dolly includes a standard mount for fluid heads which is height adjustable. The dolly is designed to be operated by a single camera operator and grip. The grip handle is height and length adjustable.

The green screen includes a rail mounted, black curtain to cover the screen for traditional set work. In this way, the lighting grid can be used to light the set using the two independent rail systems, giving the gaffer a second set of rails for long throw effects downstage.

The set area is accessible by 15-foot rollup door to a prop storage area, and double door entry into the stage area from the prop area. Heavy duty storage racks provide the stage manager with quick access to props.

In addition to flexible lighting control and prop access, we can provide cameras, camera operators, and teleprompting equipment, maximizing your talent's ability to deliver trouble-free on-screen performances, and ultimately saving money through shorter shoots.

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